Monday, June 6, 2011

FREE Snapple 6 Pack

Are you a fan of Snapple?   Then, I have an awesome deal for you.  You can get your favorite drink for free if you purchase it before June 30th.  Snapple 6-pack for free per person.

Here are the details on how to get this for free...

Fill out an index card with the following info if you don't have the actual rebate form :

Phone and/or email (If you would like to provide it)
The flavor purchased
The price paid
The store name

On the rebate form it states to send in your original receipt that has to be dated between 3/27/11 and 6/30/11 and postmarked by 7/11/11. Also you need to send in the UPC code that is located on the Snapple box.

The rebate is good for a 6 pack of Snapple drink up to $6.99.

Mail the rebate to the address listed below. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks once your rebate has been submitted before receiving the check.

Also, the rebate is good for as many people you would like per household but only one per person, which can all be mailed in the same envelope. Use (1) Index card for each person in your household. You can use 5 rebates per envelope. The purchases can be purchased in one transaction, and one receipt can be submitted, or several. (Please limit 5 to an envelope) One receipt is fine for all as long as the receipt shows the multiple purchases. Also, you can submit for this program even if you submitted a rebate for the 1/1/11-3/1/11 program. (Offer not valid in Rhode Island).

Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer

PO Box 40896
Houston, TX. 77240

I received an email from Snapple saying that if anyone needs any further information concerning the Snapple rebate, please email: or call 1-866-309-6256.

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