Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rite Aid paid me $10 to shop :)

Rite Aid paid me $10 to shop and take home 5 boxes of  Tylenol Precise Patches

I posted a shopping trip to Rite Aid a while back where I bought Tylenol Precise Patches.
It was on sale few weeks ago, and my nearest store only had 1 left on the shelf and I had about 5 coupons, so I asked for a rain check.
So, this past weekend, I stopped in to Rite Aid to see if they have more of the Tylenol Precise Patches.  I bought 1 to use up my remaining 1 coupon.  

To my surprise, there was a promotion that was running from May till June that I wasn't even bothered about (till now :) ).  The promotion was that if you spend $25 on some health items, you get $10 back from Rite Aid.   These Tylenol patches were supposedly part of that promo and I received $10 from Rite Aid.  

The SWEET part is I didn't pay a cent because I had $5 coupons for the patches and the sale price was $5 and since I had a rain check, I paid the sale price.  Essentially, Rite Aid paid me $10 to shop and take home 5 boxes of Tylenol Precise patches (it's for my mom).   This was a great surprise for me.   I'm thinking of taking the kids to buy some toys to use up my free $10  :)

Lesson learned:  If shelves are empty, don't leave the store empty handed, always get a rain check.

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