Friday, June 3, 2011

Walgreen Trippin May 18,2011

I know this was a while ago, just didn't get time to post it...

Items purchased :

3 Nexcare Bandages  - @ $3.49 each - $10.47
Hershey's Bliss - - $3.00 sale
Tostitos Chips - $2.49 sale
Wonderful Pistachios 16 oz - $7.99
Total before tax: $23.95


Used Tostitos $1 off newspaper coupon
Used 3 Nexcare manufacturer coupon for $1 off
Used Hershey's Bliss $1 off newspaper coupon
Used Recyclebank reward coupon for free Wonderful pistachio
Total I Paid:  $10.96 before tax ( $11.42 after tax)

The sweet deal part:   The nexcare bandages are free with mail-in rebate to get back $10.47 from 3M, so I spend $0.95 on this trip  :)


  1. Hey Siby - Great Blog. Could you make a post for coupon virgins like me? How do we start? how do we organize? where can we get the best coupons?

  2. Also - it is inconvenient to post a comment unless you have one of those accounts..... can that setting be changed?

  3. Thanks for visiting ! I am working on a post to get everyone on board with coupons... The best places to get coupons are your local store ads and of course, the weekend coupons in the newspapers. There are newspapers you can get for free with coupon inserts in it, so you are not spending money on buying newspapers. I will try to get that finished and post it soon. Thanks for letting me know about the commenting setting...i'll check on it.