Friday, July 15, 2011


I will update this...but for starters this is good to read up....


I get asked a lot about where to get coupons to start getting all the deals.  There are several ways to get coupons :

  • The Sunday newspaper is one place you can get a lot of coupons.  You can at most places get just the Sunday subscription.   I am lucky that I can get the Sunday edition delivered for free, but usually you can get it around a $1 or at the most $2.  Make sure if you are buying your newspaper at the store that you peek inside to make sure that the coupons are there.
  • Magazines have coupons as well although not as much as you'd like but magazines such as AllYou come with a lot of coupons (I haven't subscribed to this because i'm not an extreme couponer :) but I know many other people who do have it)
  • Another online resource to score coupons is on Facebook.  Almost every company has a fan page and they often do giveaways and coupon for their Facebook fans, so start liking your favorite companies.
  • The items you purchase may already have coupons in it (you may have seen coupons inside your cereal boxes), so just keep a look out before you throw those boxes away.
  • Special coupons are e-mailed to subscribers by companies such as P&G and stores too (I'm always getting coupons from the drugstores), so for products your family uses, just go to their website and subscribe and you will get special offers delivered to your inbox.
  • Manufacturer websites are a great place to get coupons for the products you love.  If there are no coupons available, just sending them a quick email will probably result in them sending some coupons your way.   Companies want your business, it's just a matter of us asking them to help us out with our costs.
  • At the grocery store, check the weekly ad for in-ad coupons, check the products you are purchasing to see if there is a peelie (coupon sticker) - I will be creating a coupon lingo list so that you are on top of it all.  There are also, little machines with coupons sticking out called blinkies, and then there are paper tearpads alongside some products.
  • Catalina coupons (the ones you get with your receipt) are triggered by certain purchases, even if it's for things you don't need, give them away - just don't throw them away :)
  • You may have noticed that I post a lot of samples on my blog - the samples may be small but most times there is a high value coupon along with the sample, so that's why it's great to get a sample of a product you use regularly or the ones that you would like to try.  It's a great way to test drive a product.  I have loved some and hated some ... so this way you are not buying to find out that you don't really like it.
  • Another way is to contact the manufacturers directly, whether it is a complaint or a compliment.  The first time I ever did this, I wasn't expecting a coupon or anything, but just wanted to relay my disappointment in a product.  It was one of the branded diaper companies and I guess I received a 'bad' box of diapers.  So, I called the number on the diaper box and gave them all the information they wanted and told them what was wrong with the product.  They apologized and took my mailing information and couple of weeks later, I got couple of free product coupons and other high value coupons.

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