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Friday, July 1, 2011

NEW Recyclebank - Beach is open

There's a new way to earn in the “Green Your Vacation” Contest on Recyclebank

You will need to Log in or sign up for a new Recyclebank account (completely free)
Next, go to the “Earn Points” Tab and find a link to the Green Your Vacation Contest.  Once on the contest page, click on the word “beach” above the closed suitcase, to get it to open as in the picture above.  Once the suitcase is open, click on various items to quickly and easily earn 65 points to add to your account ! 

See below for hints on how to earn 65 points at the beach, and more than 200 other points...


10 points on key download
5 points on book
10 points on swimmer
10 points on hotel sign
10 points on plate
10 points on bag
10 points on aveeno

If you haven't already done so, click on the “travel” above the suitcase and click on objects to earn 70 points!

Read my post to earn more than 200 points

When you have earned some points from Recyclebank, use those points to get coupons and other offers. 

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