Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recyclebank * NEW 50 points *

Enter the Green Your Vacation Contest and get 50 points for your RecycleBank account by clicking on everything that moves in the STAYCATION themed suitcase.  After you register or sign-in to RecycleBank, go to Green Your Vacation page of RecycleBank.   Then click the red Staycation button at the top of the page to start. 

Click on the moving objects in the STAYCATION themed suitcase for points (here are the hints for you):  Hammock(10 point), Car (5 points), Pool (10 points), Watering Can (10 points), Grill (10 points), Food in the grill (5 points)
If you need more points, then refer to this post and earn more points.  If you are new to RecycleBank, it is free to join and you can get coupons and even free products with the points you earn by playing games, answering questions, and accepting pledges.  Here is one of the reward from RecycleBank that I used to get it for free at my grocery store recently.

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