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Friday, June 3, 2011

My new freebies...

Freebies I have recently received have been posted...

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* Expired *Tim Horton Free Donut - US Only

* Expired *

Tim Hortons is giving away Free Donut as part of the National Donut day.
Available in US ONLY !

Walgreen Trippin May 18,2011

I know this was a while ago, just didn't get time to post it...

Items purchased :

3 Nexcare Bandages  - @ $3.49 each - $10.47
Hershey's Bliss - - $3.00 sale
Tostitos Chips - $2.49 sale
Wonderful Pistachios 16 oz - $7.99
Total before tax: $23.95


Used Tostitos $1 off newspaper coupon
Used 3 Nexcare manufacturer coupon for $1 off
Used Hershey's Bliss $1 off newspaper coupon
Used Recyclebank reward coupon for free Wonderful pistachio
Total I Paid:  $10.96 before tax ( $11.42 after tax)

The sweet deal part:   The nexcare bandages are free with mail-in rebate to get back $10.47 from 3M, so I spend $0.95 on this trip  :)

I'm trippin on savings at Rite Aid

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My purchased items:

3 Tylenol Precise Heat Patch at $7.99 each - $23.97
NatureMade Vitamin D - $9.99
Total before tax: $33.96


Used my raincheck for $5 price for Tylenol precise and 3 Tylenol Precise $5 off coupon (still available)
Used $2 Rite Aid coupon for Vitamin D and $1 Manufacturer coupon (see Rite Aid's coupon acceptance policy revised on May 2011)
Used 2 of my $2 Up reward coupons from previous purchases

Total I Paid:  $2.99 before tax (after tax $3.49)

Total savings of $30.97 ( I'm loving this ! )